About Heike

Dancer and Choreographer

    with a unique method

    for teaching conscious meditative              workout 

    and Dance technique. 

    Heike always wanted to dance and share the joy.

“Since I was 4 years old, I knew I wanted to dance. Rebelling against my parents wishes, who wanted me to go into the corporate world, I studied ballet and jazz at Performers College near London.  I finished my teaching certificates and exams in jazz at 21, in ballet when I was 36 years old.  I remember my professor, Brian Rogers telling me that I should work as a choreographer when I was 21.  I couldn’t believe he singled me out. After I finished all my studies I took a few detours, though

I still enjoy being on pointe!”

Heike Bartels started and ran Dance Art Ballettschule, a successful dance school in Bremen from 2000 to 2006 and instructed other aspiring dancers, both professional and amateur in ballet and jazz.  But no request was too challenging for Heike.

“I’ll never forget when I had just started my school in the year 2000, a man rang the doorbell telling me, please not to laugh at him as he had never danced before, never done any sports, nor training, had no feeling for rhythm, no money and suffered from rheumatism but a dream; he wanted to be able to dance like Michael Flatley.

Ok. I didn`t have any Irish dance classes in my school as they were not asked for, but agreed to teach him anything he would need to know to prepare him for a course in Ireland. 

He opened an Irish Dance School in 2003 and went on to win the german competition in Irish Dance in 2007.  It was inspiring to work with him and watch him achieve his goals.

Meanwhile I pursued my dream to dance on stage and to choreograph!”

As the owner and director of the dance school she also wanted to improve her own technique and instruction; in addition to go to dance seminars she began an intense study of all varieties of Callanetics, Gyrokinesis and Pilates.  The results in her classes were unbelievable, students were going down dress sizes, overcoming physical traumas, and she herself saw results in her own body, especially in her back that had given her pain over decades.

It was all a means to an end:  to be dancing on stage.  After overcoming some of her own doubts, Heike decided to leave the dance school and pursue her lifelong dream of dancing and choreographing.

“My dreams are coming true now, but there is more to this journey than I had ever anticipated and that is the inspiration I get from helping my students.  I have been teaching dance and pilates, now, for over 30 years and the ways I’ve seen people change physically and personally is truly amazing.

Professional athletes, dancers and all sorts of people have come to me with a range of problems such as back pain, obesity, stress, strains, limping and even dizziness and in such a short time of doing my classes,

I’ve seen them walk away pain free and balanced.

This tells me that the knowledge I’ve acquired through my own life professionally and personally is something I just need to share with this world.  There is no end to this journey of learning and investigating to be able to help my students even more to  heal/ transform their body and their life. It is all connected. I have developed my own workout method and I am now offering professional development seminars and coach teachers so that this knowledge can be shared and expand.”

Heike continues to train daily, choreograph and dance. She teaches dance and work out classes to a group and individual clients as well as online classes, even classical ballet and Jazz Technique.

Apart from doing the professional dance and teaching certificates she also graduated in Business Management.