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                                                  Write people out of your life  

If you have an ongoing conflict with someone i.e. emotional patterns like grief or resentment which you would like to end/resolve once and for all you can do so by “writing” the person a good-bye letter. This does not mean that your relationship ends here. It is just a method to clear your mind to stop repeating the past.
Take a little time to think about the person and your experiences with her/him. Please do also think of the positive aspects, of what this person inspired you to learn and to change. This is most important. Every person has positive attributes. It is a question of perspective and awareness to (want to!) see them.
1. Write a personal letter to the person. Mention everything you always wanted to say but somehow did not get round to or thought you didn´t get heard. Focus on your emotions. Express them as detailed as you can.
Say “thank you” for whatever happened and also write down for what exactly you forgive the person. It might not be easy to accept in certain situations but really each and every person acts to the best of their ability, knowing, information and educational standard in any moment of their life. If people are mean on purpose they really don`t know a better form of acting on their disappointment or rage etc. then taking revenge – and as everything, of course, this will come back to them. If you reach a place where you can understand where the other person comes from – congratulations! This is a big step. Write down what you understood about the person`s personality and forgive on this even deeper level. 
Next in the letter is to say goodbye to that person, or, if you need him/her still in your life i.e.  he/she is your boss etc. say goodbye to his/her behaviour or part of his/her character. (In this case the goodbye letter helps you to not attract again something similar because of this personal trait of him/her.)
Nothing in life is random. Everything is energy and attracted by us on an energetic =vibrational level. There is a lesson in there for you. Can you identify it? And can you appreciate the person for teaching you the lesson?
This is what you write at the end of your letter: Say “Thank you” to the person for having brought this lesson or understanding to you and for having been your teacher. The people who are giving us the most hardship are our best teachers. Wish them well from your heart and/ or bless them. 
Remark: I really mean this. We are all energetically connected to ALL, so whatever negative emotion you are carrying is noticeable in your energetic field = noticeable for ALL people, not just for some like the “bad ones who deserve this”. This doesn`t work. We need to be in peace with ALL
(Please note: Never send those letters. They are meant to clear your mind and emotions. It won`t be beneficial at all to be in personal contact. If yes, you will meet the person as “by accident” and that would be right in your face, not in a distance! Be conscious and cautious. This kind of coincidence = cooperative compounds coming together- would be arranged by the universe as as a result of both of you desiring this.)
2. Now you need to read this letter several times each day. If you find there is something missing, please add it on.
3. When you feel calm, emotionally neutral, reading the letter this is the proof that your emotions are cleared, that there is no more attraction for any of the above mentioned problems. You can burn it if you like, in a little ceremony, blessing the person or praying as you do it or just say good-bye to him/her.
If emotions come up again, repeat the process for as many times as necessary. If you are working on a person close to you such as children or parents you may need to go through the process various times. Just keep going. It works.                                                                                                            
There is also a video available on my youtube channel Heike Bartels about how to write goodbye letters (one in english and one in german) if you like to watch this. It is free.      


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