Heike`s method

FEEL GOOD in your body and your life!


If you use your conscious mind to change your moving habits, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

As soon as you FEEL a certain part of your body, you can work on its transformation: 

Visualizing the inner line of muscle coordination you want to achieve, thinking the necessary movement every mm along the way while you feel the energy flowing from the core outwards ... is the key to change.

In most cases it really is learning to feel your body as in day-to- day life we are not very conscious of it.

Working from the innermost centre of the body out through limbs and head, always three-dimensional, the body stretches and loses significant volume. As the whole body is energy – excess weight is excess energy and can be released if you use your conscious mind to send it out = let it go.

We need to change the way we think about exercise.

If we imagine lines, feel the energy flow and visualize lengthening everything away from the core we help our body heal itself.

With that in mind, you can achieve a significant reduction in volume, an increase in flexibility, toned and defined muscle lines and at the same time eliminate tension, weaknesses and all kinds of imbalances as well as shortages in the muscles which cause cramps and sprains. You might also grow a bit taller as a result of the constant stretching, up to 2 cm more is normal!

               Heike’s Teaching Method  


When I meet a new student, I see what I need to work on, where the imbalances are, where this person reacts to emotional stress.  Based on what I see, I choose or “make up” exercises that help balance their body. During the class I observe them carefully to see if my  impressions and solutional ideas are correct.  I use the same method either in a group class or individually because

A lot of physical problems in people are similar.*

Through imagination and precise description of how a certain exercise feels, I direct my students to achieve the exact lines of muscle coordination. On occasion, I also ask a pupil to feel on my body where I stretch or exert energy to accomplish a certain exercise. Apart from that, I correct all students personally throughout the class giving them hints on what to imagine or how to think differently to obtain the correct muscle line. Their response to those shows me their level of consciousness of their body and mind.

The movements are slow, precise and often intense, transforming any body into a leaner, more balanced being.  I did it and so can you!

Learn more by watching the interview on the page “My personal journey”, and get more information about “FEEL GOOD- work out for life an instructional workbook, now available from Amazon in English, German and Spanish.

*  Physical problems are rooted in emotional stress originating from the society/ cultural environment we live in. This is why physical problems in people are similar. If you like to learn more, check out my facebook pages and youtube channel. I am on an ongoing investigation journey and happy to share my knowledge with you.