Physical Seminars

                                                                                                                  You can book me for a technical Seminar in the following categories:

Technique Class for Lyrical Jazz/Modern

Technical Ballet Class

Feel Good Workout (Mat) Class

(either focusing on professionals or for people who are interested in health, in changing their body and/ or in need professionally). Classes are available in German, English and Spanish.

Why would you call me in for a Seminar?

More than 30 years ago I started teaching and used every opportunity to observe students and teachers in classes interacting, asking myself the following questions:

1. How can you achieve lasting results?

2. What can you do as a teacher to help your students reach their goals?

3. How can you as a teacher create a class atmosphere to help this?

Everybody who signs up for a class wants to achieve something. My students want a healthy, flexible, slim, toned body. Professionals additionally need an exact, clean technique which enables them to stay healthy even during stressful times, overcome weaknesses or injuries or just in general would like some help to prolong their careers. What all of them helps most is what people call “my eyes” and my ability to feel: I see why people move as they move and where they are in pain. I observe them to find out what (thought) leads to the specific movement, why a body is shaped a certain way and why it wants to move the way it does. I realized that when changing the thought, first the movement changes, then the way of moving in general and finally the entire body.

We are used to use our mind but we are not very conscious of our bodies, we don`t “feel” them. This even applies to PRO`s as a result of their educational training. (This is changing now!) By using what we already know (=our mind) and FEELING we learn and practice to communicate with our bodies, to understand and love them. This is the key to change everything, not only our body, and it stands for anybody from a non active person to a professional in any kind of sport or dancers.

Seminar content

Obviously this depends on the category of seminar as well as on the participants. In general, I look at everybody to see if/ where they are technically and physically: where weaknesses are, tensions, shortages, pains. This enables me to understand how their mind and body interact in movement. I am also looking for the body`s history:  How did it get to where I see it now in class?

First, I give verbal corrections; often something imaginative. If it doesn`t lead to the desired results, I  guide the person to FEEL the movement while visualizing the exact muscle coordination (line). This helps him/her to feel and as a result work along the “inner line” of the body. If it is impossible in theirs, I show it in my own body and have them watch me. 

In any class or seminar I teach it is my goal to achieve healthy lasting results through a more profound, loving understanding of our body.

The gift I received

My own workout and training on pointe led to a deep connection with my intuition, my Higher Self. This means, the only limit to what you can achieve is the limitation of your own mind. You can change your mind  by changing your thoughts, any time – if you wish. YOU set your goal.

The spiritual teacher I work with told me that until getting to know me he thought  everything in our body and our life gets healed by healing/ transforming our mind (= our thoughts or way of thinking) but that he learned now that it can also be achieved through my form of physical exercise.

This confirms my personal experience and my experience as a teacher. If a person really wants to change, here is what happens:

As you work on a certain part of the body, the universe brings on the emotional issue you need to overcome, where you need to change- in “real” life. If you learn your lesson = change (whatever necessary), the physical issue,  condition or disease etc. disappears- It heals or transforms.

Physical exercise in this way together with mental / emotional work enables us to stay healthy and to dance and exercise for as long as we wish.