Create your life

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The alignment I am working on  physically and mentally/emotionally leads to the alignment of body, mind and soul. This enables you to act from your heart which is often named “following your bliss” or “doing what you love”. It feels exciting and makes you happy. In fact, it is the life we are all supposed to live! Presently only few of us are as most people still don`t know how to focus (create with) their energy or think it is too difficult or dangerous (as it takes you out of your comfort zone). But with each time more people listening to their intuition we are getting there! The important information is:
Everything is energy, first a thought, then a physical manifestation.    
Everything manifested is a reflection of what you energetically give out.                                             

“All the time what we are really dealing with is a thought and a thought can be changed.”      (Louise Hay)

What is your dream? 

“You can be, do or have anything. You are an unlimited eternal being.”   (Abraham /Hicks) 





                                                                                                                            Make your dreams visible to feel how it would feel to… i.e. when looking at your vision board. If you like to learn more, there are great videos online about “How to..” Or: write your dreams down and keep reading, imagining how it would be or feel to… Get to work! Because:  

Your thoughts become reality. 

Your words and actions are extensions of your thoughts. 

What you focus on/ give your attention to grows.

Scientists found out that when you FEEL like your future self (= having received what you desire) and live in this feeling “as if”… the manifestation is close. This is what`s meant by “Your body is your unconscious mind”.

Create the life/ work/ relationship you want

    1. Set a goal i.e. to create something re work/ job, a relationship or perfect health.
    2. Write down HOW exactly you want it/ her/ him to be.
    3. HOW do YOU need to be as a person to be a match to your desire?
    4. In which way are you different from the person who matches your desire?
Excurs: Affirmations 
“When I talk about doing affirmations I mean to consciously choose words that will either help to eliminate something from your life or help to create something new in your life. 
Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation.” (Louise Hay) 

5. Find up to 3 affirmations to help you feel as if you had already received what you desire. 

Resistance/ Obstacles

Observe yourself. If you notice any tension in your body while saying or writing your affirmation this is resistance, meaning, past experiences or old beliefs interfering with your desire. Acknowledge this and go on affirming. With persistence you will regain control over your mind. (Otherwise: change the affirmation!)

Notice how often you say or write your affirmation and how often you say something contradicting. Your affirmation needs to be stronger= used more often than the contrasting phrases so you and your surrounding can change.

Notice what you are thinking when thinking contradicting = negative thoughts to identify old beliefs. Remember the situations they originate from (often childhood). Write about it to release it. Now find affirmations to change those old beliefs, i.e.:

“Money doesn`t grow on trees.” i.e. through the affirmation “Money flows into my life easily and effortlessly”.

At the beginning the affirmation might not feel good or true but with a little time you get there. When you reach more than 50% of positive thinking daily, everything in your life will shift significantly. 

If you feel you need more “impact” than what affirmations can do I like to inspire you to do some research on Energy Psychology Methods. They are very effective to remove blocks. A list of them is to be found on the website of Dr.Bruce Lipton, cell biologist. (In his free teachings he also explains the evolution of the brain which helps to understand why affirmations seem to be a “slow” option. For most people changing slowly seems easier 😉 )   

To identify old beliefs, here is another exercise from Louise L. Hay to help you:                                                Stand or sit in front of a mirror and look into your own eyes. Ask a question or start a phrase such as:                 “My biggest fear about (relationships/my job/money/a person/an action etc.) is: …”                                               Your subconscious mind will give you the answer. Maybe you are in for a surprise… Now find an affirmation!

Everything in life works out well if done with the intention to serve the highest good of all.

If something went “wrong”, although you acted with best intentions, it will be corrected in your favour. Keep the faith and expect a miracle. Never give up. It`s too soon!  


“Life is supposed to be fun” (Abraham/Hicks)

Please note:  Always take a positive approach, no talking about what possibly could go wrong. The universe listens to you-always. It doesn`t make a difference between “yes” or “no”, wanted or unwanted. It doesn`t judge. It just reflects your vibration, not your words. Be happy to allow the universe to arrange everything in your favour.
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