Personal Coaching

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     for Pro`s and students: 

Pro`s and students normally call me in to get specific help with their dance technique. We would have a conversation to see what expectations you have or where you would like some help. Then it is normally spending time at the barre or in the studio to do the necessary work. From there we see if additional theoretical or physical work is helpful. We might also consider some extra work as homework. Students and Pro`s decide if they want their progress to be supervised by me until the changes are established.

for dance teachers: 

You can either call me in for a Custom Seminar or you just to get adviceIf we agreed to do a Custom Seminar we would have a conversation to see what expectations you have or where you would like some help. I would like to know if there is anything in particular you would like me to do or explain during the seminar as sometimes students need a different approach or explanation to take the next step. 

(The concept presented below is an example which could vary according to your wishes and needs. We will agree on what to do exactly to help you in our first meeting.)

Concept example:

I observe at least one class to work out the following:

  • How is the energy/general work atmosphere ?
  • How is the communication/ interaction between instructors and students?
  • How do students respond to given corrections ?
  • What is the expected technical level of work ?

With this information I work out what changes I consider helpful to create an inspiring atmosphere in which progress comes naturally. 

Meeting for teachers and students/ performers  

We will have a talk about everybody`s expectations of the seminar or class I am about to teach. I use the info I receive together with my observations to assure I reach everyone and teach the skills needed.

If something was not mentioned or has changed due to the meeting we had with all participants and /or my observations watching the class there will be another

Meeting for teachers only  

(This will be decided according to the teachers assessment.)

Workshop (Seminar or class with the content we agreed on)  

The seminar would be the product of the information collected beforehand from watching the classes and talking to instructors and students to meet their expectations. According to the need of theoretical input the length of the seminar could vary. Normally classes with physical exercise would be no longer than 90 mins. due to the need to be fully concentrated during class. Chat with students and instructors at the end of class

If there is a specific issue, we might decide to do this in a more private atmosphere after the seminar and find a solution which suits the instructors personality to assure consistent progress and a successful future.

Or: Just call me in for advice!

In this case I would come to watch your classes,  give you feedback and make suggestions for changes I consider necessary to  achieve your goals. If you wish I supervise you for a certain time afterwards until the changes are established.